Space Marine of War May Cry Gaiden.

September 7, 2008

A video detailing a new third person shooter set in the Gothic dystopia of Warhammer 40k has weaseled its way onto the Internet and while it looks good there is something eerily familiar about it…

Watching the video feels more like a round of ‘spot the influence’ as our lonely, balding, bulked out hero shoots at things, hacks them with chainsaw combos and goes in for kill animations.

The game looks similar to Gears of War, combo gameplay and chaining hits on multiple enemies could be from any hack and slasher and those close quarters instant kills could be straight from the recent ball busting Ninja Gaiden 2.

But that’s not the problem, pinching ideas from good games is common practise, Gears itself borrows heavily from the seminal Resident Evil 4, it’s the way the footage never seems to gel with the space marine clumbsily standing around absorbing bullets, lumbering from one enemy to the next firing a gun that may as well be ejecting used tissues, if anything it could have done with robbing Gears cover system along with everything else and forcing the player to hide away from bullets and move intelligently from one enemy to the next stunning them with a gun that actually works.

Possibly the most important question is what the spotty communions of Games Workshop stores will think of a lone Space Marine making mince meat of anything and everything. As an ex socially handicapped dice rolling patron of plastic models small and large I would have thought the game would be a guaranteed squad endeavour, possibly in first person with less combos and more meaty melee attacks ala Halo, but I’m not a decision maker and merely an observer, so I’ll just have to get what I’m given.

Perhaps it will be good, but as of this video I am getting less the feeling of Space Marine and more the feeling of a hack and slash with pretty gothic architecture in space… If it wasn’t for the in space part that could be describing Devil May Cry…

p.s. Door QTE? Honestly, why bother? Also, showing enemies arrive in a cutscene is just lazy when you could let the player see it in real time as they run down the stairs.


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