What games are left for September?

September 9, 2008

September has started the end of year rush with more ferocity than Chun Li at her time of the month with  Viva Pinata, Spore, and the entertaining Mercenaries 2 but what is left in this month of returning to education and receiving student loans? Below are the games I’ve personally got a sneaky eye on and why, it’s in no way a comprehensive list but maybe you’re with me for one or two of them.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning – 18th September

I am a Warcraft player and so with a few months before we all journey to Northrend and get new haircuts the urge to play has dwindled. Enter Warhammer, an experience much the same but subtely different, it has a respectable mythos and the lure of deep PVP combat is shiny enough for me to bite. Yes it looks like a strange middle ground of Warcraft and Guild Wars and sure, it’s just another MMO in the growing mire of grind fests but I think for a few months this could be more than entertaining.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – 19th September

Force pushing Stormtroopers and Rebel troopers is fun, as can be sampled in the demo available now on XBLA and PSN. Length issues aside this should provide a fun slice of force filled pie with an interesting story and a planet of Wookies, even if the Apprentice’s model is rubbish.

LEGO Batman – 26th September

LEGO games are fun, Star Wars and Indy have cemented their position at the top of ‘family/girlfriend friendly fun’ and Batman is looking like the best yet. Free from the trappings of a concrete story Travellers Tales have taken every liberty with Gotham city letting players run around as a large number of recognisable, if blocky faces. A million miles away from the gritty Daily Mail upsetting Dark Knight, LEGO Batman just wants to have fun while playing its usual tune of fun satire and acessibility. And of course, Danny Elfman’s original score, fantastic.

Wario Land: Shake Dimension – 26th September

Remember how amazing Wario Land was on the Gameboy? That’s why this has got me excited. A 2D game that looks like an animated cartoon while in motion Shake Dimension appears to take most its cues from the GBA outing Wario Land 4 with a health meter alongside the ‘reach the end of the level, get the treasure, run back to the beginning while shortening your fingernails’ gameplay. Throw in some unobtrusive remote shaking and you’ve got a promising looking title.

There are plenty of other games out in September, these are just my picks. What are you looking forward to?


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