Rate the Pinata pictures, don’t just look at them.

September 11, 2008

How hard is it to click a star rating? Looking at www.vivapinata.com you’d think it was harder than learning your seven times table, the hardest times table of them all. Looking down the list there is a screenshot with 411 views of which fourteen people have voted, another has been looked at 347 times and only two people could think up a star rating while a third has been rated 18 times after 300 people have cast their eyes over it.

What do you think this does when people sort by highest rated? It’s not a very accurate list when people can’t be bothered to rate pictures and considering the calibre, or lack of in some screenshots there are some that deserve to be seen but are lost under overrated pictures. As you may have gathered from the title of a previous post I see the camera tool much like the curious N64 game Pokemon Snap, in which you were graded on the framing of the subject, the objects in the frame, and the pose of the subject, and as such I take these ideas into account and I have been trying to grade every photo on the site so that those that need to be seen are and those that don’t aren’t. This isn’t malicious, it’s merely a wake up to the photographer that they need to be a little more creative.

If you’re bored now or anytime soon I recommend you head over to the site and do some rating, it will help the community see the best and most creative snaps and might encourage you to make use of the feature, if you own the game of course.

Here is my rating guide if you’re struggling on a system:

1 Star = Basic, not much happening in the shot or too cluttered, lacks focus.

2 Stars = Well framed, standard rating. Likely uninspired or has a lot of clutter behind Pinata.

3 Stars = Usually has something about it, either a quirky position or good use of multiple features for example, but lacks the focus of a better shot or perhaps has clutter around such as seeds that aren’t planted.

4 Stars = Good use of Pinata and surrounding area, little or no unnecessary features in shot.

5 Stars = Use of outside features such as created stage for shot, use of lighting, perfectly timed, no clutter at all, or just looks spot on.

And to conclude this moan here are some of my favourite screens I’ve found while rating pictures (not all rated five by me), original photographer is credited.

Poncho Dude



Super Sproutman

MadMax 4Q2


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