Two days with Warhammer: Age of Reckoning

September 17, 2008

Two days and no update? You assumed correctly, WAR is amazing. Instead of my curiously named Orc I started a little Goblin shaman called Garklargak on a role playing server, it’s not flawless but considering the game has just been released it is in a very polished state and in a simple manner I will take you through the good and bad points I have encountered over my two days with the game.

Garklargak launched by catapault

Garklargak launched by catapault

The Good

-Public Quests are an area of the map in which all present players are pushing towards the same objective regardless of playing solo or as a party, once the first objective is complete the area moves onto a second timed objective and then a third, once you complete the mission you are rewarded with a nice experience bonus and hopefully some loot. These quests work because they have significant and fun events to be a part of and because players help each other and interact instinctively upon finding them rather than forcing you to be part of a group.

-Character development is a deceptively deeper aspect here than in other MMOs, while the competition all use brancing tech trees to seperate their players WAR has simple specialisation options, after level eleven you can start putting points in one of three areas, but deepens the proceedings with a seperate tech tree which you use your player vs player rank to upgrade. This means that being better in PVP nets you helpful rewards but not game breaking ones like Warcraft’s method of ‘You’re awesome at PVP here, have some armour to make you even better!’

A public quest in action

A public quest in action

-The Tome of Knowledge is a fantastic way of keeping all the essential info in one easy to navigate place. Click the icon and this book lists your quests, achievements, Bestiary, Lore and Story, Rewards, and anything else you might want to look up.

-The game throws experience at you to help alleviate any grind, unlocking new entries in the tome gets you experience as well as taking part in PvP combat. Then there are secret achievements and parts of the Tome that all net you a couple hundred experience which may not seem like much considering it takes roughly 40,000 to level but as that lovely Tesco’s slogan says, ‘Every little helps’.

-Guild have their own levelling system which unlocks certain features as it plays, this includes being able to hold a battlement and defend it from attack.

-Characters actually touch when they get close which, aside from being good aesthetically, means players cannot bunny hop around you in PVP.

-I can dye my armour! Purple warrior go!

lighting is one of WARs nicest visual touches

lighting is one of WAR's nicest visual touches

The Bad

-Animation on characters at a distance is jerky and while it isn’t a bad thing it is intrusively noticable at times, apparently Mythic will be fixing this however.

-The game world feels more linear and enclosed than WoW, your preferance will affect if that’s a good or bad thing, and there are less flight paths which mean you’ll be doing a lot of legwork.

-There is a lack of emotes, the addition of /Warhammer doesn’t make up for the omission of essentials like /sit, /sleep, and /dance.

In conclusion

Warhammer continues to impress me and while it lacks the polish of Warcraft right now Blizzard have been scrubbing that trophy for four years now. I entered WAR expecting a better PVP game than WoW but what I’ve found is one that can also hold itself high as a players vs environment game thanks to helpful quest markers and the fantastic public quests.

So if you don’t mind, in the words of my character, ‘Garklargak off ta kilt sum mor stunties! Hehehe!’

Some quests ask you to perform grusome actions

Some quests ask you to perform grusome actions


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