Fable 2 review.

November 4, 2008

It’s the return of short reviews, Huzzah! Hear the people cheer in polite un-interest as I post almost 500 words about a game people have already made up their minds about.



Peter Molyneux is a gaming treasure, a personality in a crowd of faceless PR robots and people who get game names tattooed around their body to garner interest, and while he may occasionally drone on about feeling emotions for a dog, the man’s unbridled joy and hope for his gaming projects can’t help but get gamers excited.


And this is why the first Fable was a little disappointing, but with Fable 2 Molyneux’s PR team must have had a leash around his throat or maybe the 360 is really powerful enough because he achieved almost everything he said Fable 2 was going to be, and that makes Fable 2 one of the 360’s finest titles to date.


Starting as a child you learn the simple fact that making choices around Albion causes consequence, some things you do as a child have a great impact on the future of your Albion and further decisions have similar effects, not to mention that your character physically changes and whilst in Fable 1 it was only from doing good or evil things,  in Fable 2 eating too many fatty foods will make you fat and pimply whilst lots of celery makes you a twig, but increase your physical attributes and you buff up, which can make you a mightily toned twig.


And whilst the engaging and spectacular combat takes up the majority of your time in Albion it’s the myriad of other indulgences that will impress you, characters become infatuated with you meaning you can marry, move into a house and have a child with said spouse but if you’re more of the entrepreneur sort you can buy up shops and rent out houses to ensure a steady income. Albion becomes a world you enjoy spending time within whilst doing nothing in particular, listening to the citizens and farting at the guards, Fable 2 is a game full of personal expression.


And what this leads to is a personal experience and connection to your Albion and your hero which, come the end of the game will look totally different from the next ten you compare them to. The only disappointment you will have is that it will end, but then you’ll still sit in the pub gambling your life savings away and drinking copious amounts of beer, and then you’ll play more Fable 2.


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