The 8 best games of 2008…

January 3, 2009

That I didn’t play.

Before getting to my rather long winded thirty favourite games of 2008 I’m going to state the games that will not be included, that probably would have been had I enough time or money to have played them.

That’s right, there were so many video games released in 2008 that I was not able to play all the ones I wanted to!

So here are the eight games that should probably appear highly in my top games of 2008, but won’t.

8- Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots

Some see it as the most epic storyline in gaming, I see it as mildly enjoyable stealth action sandwiched between cutscenes by a game designer better suited to Hollywood. Regardless of mytentative interest in the franchise I would have quite liked to have seen how the series ended, and some of the gameplay looked fun.

7- God Of War: Chains of Olympus

Kratos is a badass, fighting towering creatures and slaughtering hundreds of pissed off greek monstocities and random innocents all on his bloody revenge fuelled massacres, but the minature 2008 outing for Kratos on PSP never got my cash. Perhaps the fact I always questioned if I knew where my PSP was when I saw it on the shelf, or maybe the way I just question the PSP’s ability to do the franchise justice, but for these and perhaps a few other tight fisted reasons this UMD didn’t find it’s way into my system.

6- Lost Odyssey

I’m not big on JRPGs, but this looked epic, dramatic, and people on forums said it was so emotional and the writing so good it made them cry.

Ok, maybe they may not have said the last part but it sounded good… But it’s still a JRPG.

5- Lost Winds

Quite why I didn’t get this is beyond me, it’s a kooky little download game that uses the Wii mote in interesting ways, is over in a few hours, and was happily compared to games like Portal and Braid. I’d say the reason I didn’t get round to playing this was simply because it was on Wii ware, and my Wii wasn’t as available as other formats when this came out.

4- Boom Blox

See above, less willing access of the Wii meant Boom Blox was overlooked for other games, but the idea is so appealing and I really like the Wii. I’m always shouting its graces to jaded gamers that I feel guilty for not buying this, one to find in the sales.

3- Mirror’s Edge

If there’s one game that I definately overlooked due to the reviews it was DICE’s intriquing free running extravaganza! I say extravaganza, the reason I didn’t pick it up was because it was apparently a bit on the short side. However great looking DLC and cheaper prices mean this is another to grab soon. I enjoyed the demoand think I’d get a lot from the time trials.

2- Professor Layton and the Curious Village

I love the DS, and I play it quite a lot but somehow I missed this game twice. American release? Flew right over my head, forumites talked about it and shouted its graces but I just played other time consuming games like Warcraft and… Warcraft. So several months later the game gets a UK release and advertising blitz! And I turn a blind eye while hundreds of English punters enjoy Layton and his brain straining puzzles whilst I play… Warcraft. Layton is a game I really want to get my hands on, enjoy its quirky presentation, give my brain a good workover… If I can find a copy at least!

1- Fallout 3

Everyone is talking about Fallout, I’ve not played Fallout… I don’t have time for a hundred hour consuming  post apocalyptic Role Playing Game and as fantastic as it may be, I know I won’t be able to give it all the time it deserves. A game I will eventually play but know I will never be able to enjoy to its maximum potential, however everyone else seems to be enjoying it immensely! And that’s why I’d say it’s probably the best 2008 game that I just haven’t been able to play…


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  1. I was on Yahoo and found your blog. Read a few of your other posts. Good work. I am looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Tom Stanley

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