Dala’s Deadly Tips – Red Alert 3 Soviet Build Order.

January 19, 2009

When I first played Red Alert 3 I searched the Internet for a competant Soviet build order but to my woes there was a lack of well written guides on how to take the red army to victory. So I plunged into the ocean of Red Alert 3 like a crippled seal with only half a flipper and after hours of experimentation, humiliation, and eventual success I have emerged a beautiful adult seal called Ivan with massive tusks that all the other seals run (flop?) scared from.

And because I’m generous I bring my success to any other crippled seals who are being bombarded by mechanical robots and armoured dolphins so you too and bring glory to Mother Russia!

*note* this build order has brought me success in reletavily mid difficulty matches, don’t expect to read this and walk over anyone as it takes time and alteration, the build order is not infalable and you may need to modify it on the fly, don’t feel tied to it.

Before the match starts

Hold your left hand with one finger over E and another on F9

Match Starts!

The moment the game starts hit the aforementioned keys to get your Crusher Crane selected without having to move the mouse, now just throw it down instantly, every second counts!

Twiddle your thumbs for a bit and once the crane is down you’re in a good position, throw down a Reactor (F1) and a Barracks (F2), the  crusher crane means you can build two buildings at once in case you didn’t know, hit the 2 tab above all your building buttons!

The moment the reactor is up and running get your first Ore Refinary (F3) building then erect the second Ore Refinary once your Barracks are done.

Now the hard part, your two Ore Refinaries are in construction but don’t sit around, throw some bears out your barracks to scout the map and probably an engineer to nab an oil derrick. Now build whatever units you feel you need, a safe bet lies with Flak Troopers who are both anti air and anti vehicle but you may also opt for more engineers for a strange stealing rush or perhaps you need more bears, it’s up to you.

Once the Ore Refinaries finish building then it’s time to create a War Factory, don’t construct a second building on top of this as your funds will be drained by this point and you want those vehicles building as soon as possible!*

And that’s it for the default build order, from here it’s a hop to the Battle Lab for Natascha and Apocalypse Tanks, a skip to the Soviet Airfield for the invaluable Twinblade, or perhaps a jump to a Naval Yard for Naval Dominance, either way I’d recommend getting a sputnik out of your War Factory or move your MCV so you can expand!

Tomorrow I will be discussing the tactical options that follow this order and how best to use them.

*If you are playing a map that is predominantly water then replace this War Factory step with a Naval Yard.



  1. So, I herd u liek allies.

  2. i heard you like cock jammer

  3. Very useful for beginners, its painful when you get 4 sickles and a couple terror drones to the enemy base and see he hasnt even built an ore refinery yet 🙂

  4. Its a good tip, but it won t be that easy if the enemy you re playing is a rusher!

  5. ::: On all 5 of my rolls I won ‘Soviet’ with a 4-4-5-7-4 and I only rolled 5 times. :::


    ty vm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. this would never work with me noob

  8. Well, you play on xbox, so nyer nyer 😛 come on PC were the real men play.

    Considering the fact this still gets hits… Perhaps I should update it. I haven’t played RA 3 seriously in ages.

    • wwell i see that you think this is a good stratigy but its not first off your going to be out of power whitch is a very bad move seconed your you money will be low third it does not pervent them from expandling and if you have to start the whole “quick draw” when there building on you and your building on them, you well have no money + low power, making you slow as hellll

      i would know because i am one of best RA players for xbox if you have any questions make a follow up comment

  9. Azereke is right noob LOL

  10. Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular post!
    It is the little changes that produce the most important changes.
    Thanks a lot for sharing!

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