Dala’s Deadly Tips – Red Alert 3 Strategic Soviet Options.

January 20, 2009

So you’ve got the Soviet build order up and running, that’s a good start (if you missed it, click here to read the build order) but now it’s time to take the fight to your opponent and I’ve listed several strategic options you can employ, and whilst they are all individually effective a good attack will use a mixture of them.



The most obvious tactic is to expand with either an MCV or a Sputnik from your new War Factory. If you follow the Terror Drone tactic then the MCV will undoubtably be faster but be sure to grab one or two additional ore positions near your base as soon as possible, this tactic is essential in Red Alert 3.


As with expansion, the other essential tactic of Red Alert 3 is to continuously poke your opponent and as a Soviet there are several ways to do this:

Terror Drones – Train two of these and come at an opponents base from behind, set one to its secondary attack and leave one in the primary, if your opponent has been foolish enough to leave their ore collector undefended then destroy it, by using the second drone to stun it your opponent will not be able to repair the collector and get the bug out.

Bear rush – It won’t pester ore collectors but sitting bears outside an opponents barracks can cause them to spend funds on unwanted turrets and stop infantry production, a great psychological blow.

Sickle suicide – the bane of any infantry unit is the sickle, clever use of its leap will see a large infantry force decimated by it’s machine gun. Instead of jumping whole groups all at once use them one at a time to keep units such as Tankbusters and Javelins on the ground then move into your opponents base and try to take down an ore collector or two.

Desolator Devilry – if you tech up the centre of your protocols to a desolator airstrike, get a view on your opponents Ore Refinary and drop the bomb! You may kill the collector with this unstopable poison and even if you don’t you’ll still halt collection for a bit as they run away.

Also very effective against infantry.

Also very effective against infantry.

Check Expansions

Red Alert 3 is all about Ore, if you don’t check expansions then you’re letting the opponent win, keep looking at ore deposits and cut off your opponents supply at every opportunity, use Terror Drones at first then check with a group of two or three Twinblades later in the game.

Strategic Options:

-Cash Bounty

A fantastic early ability, slap it on those scouting bears, a Terror Droned collector, your own losing forces, or whatever is going to die to ensure a small monetary boost, it could make the differance between your Super reactor being built now or ten seconds later.

– Sheer Terror

Terror Drones are the most useful unit of the Soviet army, capable of both destroying and delaying units. Build several and take them to all potential expansions, this is a way to keep an eye on your opponent, and due to the nature of the drone they can jump into whatever vehicle your enemy is using to expand. On top of these drones create at least 5 to counter any vehicle rush your opponent has coming by stunning them on the spot rather than jumping in, you can create more drones faster than your opponent can create vehicular support so spam them if you think they’ll be using more ground units until you can make twinblades or hammer tanks to quell the uprising, and keep using them to pester!

Some units stopped mid motion by a couple of pesky Terror Drones

Some units stopped mid motion by a couple of pesky Terror Drones

-Flak Attack

Allied players in particular may use a lot of air so while focusing on other things it’s a good idea to spam Flak Troopers to report inside your base then select and scatter them (x). Flak troopers can then be used to garrison buildings or swap to their mines in reaction to a ground assault, a nice versatile unit.

-Secret Agent Engineer

Whilst you keep opponents occupied with other units, tech up to an airfield and get out a twinblade whilst you train a few Engineers and some Tesla Troops (or whatever infantry you like really), bundle them into the twinblade and swoop it round the back of your opponents base or expansion, drop the troops off in the most Claustrophobic part of their base, to give their vehicles a hard time reaching you, and send each engineer to capture a different building while the Tesla Troops protect them, either your opponent will sell up in a confused panic or you’ll grab one of their essential buildings, win win. A Bullfrog can be used just as effectivley against Allied or Soviet expansions but purachuting into a heavily fortified base is suicide.

-Feel the Hammer

Once your Super Reactor is up get some Hammer Tanks out as they’re your best anti ground unit that doesn’t take forever to tech to and more importantly, a group of them coupled with the terror drone surprise protocol can do very well against an enemy attack, and a group itself can do some damage to an opponents basic defenses and expansions. Just try and cover them with a bullfrog or two in case of Vindicators or ZX Striders.

Tier 3? I don’t need Tier 3!

Soviet tier 3 is unessential until you feel in control, spending resources on that Battle Lab could be better used on more Twinblades, Bullfrogs, and Sputniks to expand and pressure your opponent. Teching up all the way as soon as possible is a fool’s errand when you have so many options to annoy and wreck havok with cheaper units and early protocols, just keep their ore collection in check and build a balanced force.

Help! I’m Under Attack!

What? Your opponent is rushing you!? Don’t panic, remain calm, we’ll do our best…

Against Infantry – Bears! And lots of them, if you see an early infantry rush then don’t feel silly hiding bears to the side of your base. A sickle is also helpful. To strike back against this move the bears in between you, chances are they will infantry rush again and have spent too many resources to have vehicles in construction.

Against Vehicles – Spam Terror Drones, chances are you opponents vehicles will be concentrating on another building so the drone can get in unspotted and start hurting them, keep spamming them out your war factory until they are dead or your war factory is, now position the Terror Drones towards the front of your base, spread as to avoid protocol attacks, and all with their secondary fire activated to stop any other vehicles dead that want to try an attack, giving you time to recoup your losses and fashion a counter manouvre.

Against Air – Bullfrogs, Flak Troopers, and a lot of luck.

Against Naval – See against vehicle, told you Terror Drones were good.


And those are my Red Alert 3 Soviet tips for now, I hope you’ve found something to help you improve your game.

Youll rarely, if ever see this many Kirovs in a multiplayer match, enjoy it in the campaign.

You'll rarely, if ever see this many Kirov's in a multiplayer match, enjoy it in the campaign.


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