The Crysis of MMOs – TERA

January 26, 2009

Industry unknowns Bluehole studio have just thrown a trailer for their upcoming MMO TERA onto the wonderfully harsh world of the Internet, but for a website as fickle as gametrailers, the games graphics are actually turning heads.

TERA: The exiled realm of Arborea (its full, groan enducing name) is a game developed in the land of MMOs, aka Korea, and alongside a slick looking combat engine the game is pushing some serious polgyons but rather than babble on about them, here’s the video;

So let’s dissect the trailer, revelling in the interesting points and casting aside the unwanted entrails whilst casting a speculative eye over how exactly a game this dang pretty could possibly be marketable.

It sure is pretty, JRPG CGI pretty, and the art direction is a solid mix of massive cities and sprawling vistas. The most depressing thing is that all sources available show the game in compressed SD form rather than the beautiful crystal clear sceens that would do the game justice, not a fan of the hulk like magic casters myself but the melee classes look ready for combat and in the females cases, as ready as nerdy programmers will let them be.

But then the real shocker hits because combat looks fluid, fast paced, and with more action than an evening in Newcastle. If I had to draw comparisons, and I do, it reminds me of the Tales franchise with melee classes whipping out impressive slashes and leaps whilst spell casters run away from combat and volley spells in, like all good cowards.

Navigating the world also looks fun as characters run across sprawling plains and clamber up vertical walls, these heroes look genuinely skilled and more importantly, this should give locations some fun routes to navigate.

But how to make this sellable considering most PCs will not be up to this without spluttering and submitting to an early death… Considering black magic is probably out of the question, a Guild Wars model would seem correct to me with all players inhabiting the city whilst all mission areas are instanced for individual parties.

I’ll be keeping a beady eye on this one, if only to see how they market a game that will make your graphics card EXPLODE.


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