Stupidly high res Halo Wars screens released, hype meter fluctuates.

January 29, 2009

Considering I’m on an RTS high from Red Alert 3 and now Dawn of War 2, Halo Wars is a pretty big blip on my radar considering it’s the Halo universe, but with me playing Captain Kees and telling every little unfortunate Spartan to rush at Wraith tanks like they were kids zerg rushing a sweet shop on pocket money day.

So when Ensemble say ‘here, have some lovely high res shots’ I naturally say ‘why thank ya gov, go ‘av a cup a tea on me’. At least I would say that were I a method actor currently getting in role for a stage production of Oliver Twist.

But I’m not.

So without further ado, cast a discerning eye over these 5120 x 2880 resolution piccies that I had to shrink because they were TOO AWESOME;

To be honest I wish the game was on PC, then the units might not look like they were made out of play dough by a six year old. But that doesn’t really matter when you’re fifty feet in the air barking orders at people the size of pin heads, so why release such high quality pictures of a game in which individual units look so bad anyway? At least in Dawn of War each unit is nicely detailed.

Roll on February 5th so I can see how this game plays.


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