Late to the party: Patapon

January 30, 2009

Last year a little rhythm action strategy game came out on the PSP, aka the handheld no one cares about, the game went by the name of Patapon and even though I played and enjoyed the demo I never got round to buying the game, simply because it arrived at the wrong time. Caught up in the post 2007 wallet casualties, everyone who wasn’t throwing Mario around space was teabagging fools on Halo 3, Team Fortress 2, or bloody Call of Duty 4, *sigh*, no one had time for a quirky game on their dusty PSPs.

So when I spotted it for a tenner today I knew I needed to show it some respect, and also because those one eyed freaks were staring at me from the box, threatening to stab me in my sleep if I didn’t man up and throw a tenner at something a little odd, on a system I would need a spelunking kit to recover from the catacombs of my room.

You control the Patapon using drums, each piece of percussion is mapped to a face button and by hitting them in specific rhythms you command the Patapon to move forward, attack, retreat and whatever else comes later in the game. It’s very simple whilst you need a little thought when considering what type of Patapon you use in your formation and from there it plays like a rhythm action title, with the Patapon chanting along with your beat and performing the actions you ask, by playing a perfect beat they become more powerful.

Visually it’s a striking mixture of geometric shapes and one tone objects, it looks amazing on the PSP screen as your numerous minions throw spears, chop, and launch arrows at foes and it never faulters. Much like Loco Roco it is a game designed for the PSP in every way, visually, aurally, and in how it plays as levels will not take more than a few minutes making it an easy game to chip away at.

Assuming it continues to be as good as it has started, expect a lot more of banter on Patapon from me in the near future.

What’s more, aren’t they just the cutest?


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