Halo Wars demo impressions

February 5, 2009

My impressions are pretty much from Skirmish, single player was nice but skirmish is where it shines.

I’m very impressed, the gameplay is elegantly designed thanks to simple base creation and a limited but effective pool of units, it’s more about intelligent unit deployment and thanks to very simplified resource gathering, simply placing a building, it means you can decide how many you want and not let it bother you anymore.

But the genius element is the obvious seasoning of Warcraft 3 in the recipe by asking you to use a scout to gather additional resources and take the neutral outposts before an opponent. It encourages exploration around the map which is a careful balancing act between a sizable force that could counter an opponent and take an outpost and leaving enough defence back at the base in case of an attack.

Another fantastic addition is the info you receive from your commander relating to your opponenet, playing as UNSC against the cov I was warned of a rush, so I built turrets and it was an effective counter, then when I was playing as Covenant I was warned of approaching air and knowing I was weak against air I build a shield generator and some anti air turrets whilst getting Vampires out of my expansion base.

Heroic difficulty is not hard enough and there’s no online regrettably, but I guess those are the tasty looking carrots that Ensemble are dangling at me…


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