Very late to the party: City of Heroes/Villains.

February 10, 2009

I’m currently trying out City of Heroes/Villains and I’ve made the following characters:

Hero, The Purple Pylon:

Specialises in shooting pure energy blasts and looking very purple and menacing.

Villain, The Argumentative Midget:

Creates machines to do his dirty work and surprises his opponents with traps.

I know I’m a little (very) late to the game but so far so good, the combat is very satisfying as I take on multiple targets, sending ragdoll’s flying with my various attacks and whilst missions are standard ‘go here, do this’ MMO fare, stopping random crimes and just bringing evil doers to justice (or the opposite when playing my villain) just makes me feel powerful and heroic. The fact that it is my own hero rather than me playing as some Marvel or DC stalwart gives the game a fantastic feel that no other super hero game has ever done.

If nothing else it gets me hyped for Champions online.


One comment

  1. The problem with City of Heroes is that while it’s wide as the ocean, it’s as deep as a puddle. Which means that, the last time I played, it had a lot of content, but way too much of that content was very similar in terms of gameplay.

    It’ll keep you entertained for a good while, but when you start feeling like you’ve seen it all before? It’s time to shut up the Hero business and get out of Paragon City.

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