Two years later and the parts match the model: Worms 2 Armageddon (XBLA)

July 1, 2009

About two years ago I, along with thousands of other punters downloaded Worms on XBLA, and what a cheeky release it was. Like buying a new Ferrari only to find it drives like the 1995 model Worms XBLA was a visually slick remake of the PC original. No Holy Hand Grenade, one voice set (since rectified in DLC), only a few terrain types, the whole experience was enjoyable but left fans of later Worms games, myself included, a little empty and so the game has spent many a month untouched in the annals of my hard drive.

Enter Worms 2 Armageddon; so named because it is the sequel to the first XBLA Worms title and because the weapon selection is based on the Armageddon chapter of franchise, chanting artillery, air born lambs, and heavy donkey effigies included. This is the Worms that the Download era needs, fully featured thanks to a longer more challenging single player, bolstered with a few extra game types and with that added degree of insanity that Worms acquired in 1997.

You can even add hats to Worms! Heres hoping for a beer hat for the redneck voice.

You can even add hats to Worms! Here's hoping for a beer hat for the redneck voice.

The game shows its improved feature set from the off with a far more comprehensive team creation which includes an array of voice sets that makes my brain boggle just scrolling through them, setting colour, a hat, victory dance, the only thing missing is a personal super weapon but, I guess that was removed to help with game balance.

And then there are the new game changing weapons, the new sentry gun and magnet items add a new layer of strategy to controlling the field whilst the bunker buster will be the bane of any fans of the darkside award, such as myself.

Fire is also a major area of improvement, no longer does it burn for three seconds and magically dissipate, fire continues to burn through the landscape during the subsequent turns, again making tunnels and hiding under the level a far less appealing prospect not that a napalm strike can cut down over several turns and fry you.

Avatars make an appearance in the 360 version to emote about how the game is going.

Avatars make an appearance in the 360 version to emote about how the game is going.

Worms 2 Armageddon feels like the true sequel to Worms Armageddon, and a Worms that is genuinely ready for the modern gamer, with more options in combat both for defensive and offensive players the only disappointment for this player is that you can only have four players in a match, even more would have been even better.

Anyone who felt short changed by their flashy looking but outdated model two years ago shouldn’t feel anxious going in this time, the 2009 version has been fitted with the most up to date technology, and could very well be the best iteration in the franchise to date.

P.S. The achievements aremore time consuming this time, so you won’t be maxing it out in a weekend. Should ensure it stays around long enough for you to just want to enjoy playing it, unlike last time.


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