Summer of Arcade week 4 – A Trial of patience, in HD!

August 13, 2009

Trials HD, oh how you hurt me. I love you, honest to god I would marry you if it wasn’t for your digital nature  but Jesus H. Christ on an expensive bike you are a harsh lover aren’t you? One hundred tries, a quarter of an hour later and three litres of man tears and that’s only put hard mode to rest, Extreme mode and tournaments left to go… Better buy the man size pack of tissues.

But this isn’t my first run in with Red Lynx’s  mascochist machine as I fell in love with Trials 2 on the PC just last Christmas, and in a rare experience for my blog I can look back at said occasion! I put Trials 2 at number 22 in my favourite games of 2008 and said it was ‘something special’ but that it made me ‘grind my teeth at the insane difficulty’. Well, Trials HD is no different.

But of course I mean that in the best way possible, there’s a reason I adore Trials more than most human beings, the generous checkpoints turn every excruciating jump into a confined mini puzzle, a minor joint in an entire level of pad twisting tempter tantrums, the visual flair as you ride through a level that literally explodes around you, and the addictive primal urge of every gamer to better your friends.

Add to the mix fun mini slices of aggrivation in the interesting skill games and a robust level editor with easy uploading and sharing abilities and you’ve got a live arcade title with unlimited staying power and one achievement you’ll never get.


But to get hung up on a single achievement and later levels harder than Ron Jeremy during an intensive filming session would be petty because Trials HD is pure gaming nirvana, punishing yes, rewarding and ultimately satisfying? Most definately. You’d be a fool to try and talk yourself out of buying it.

You’ll still never get that achievement though.



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