Happy new gaming year!

January 2, 2010

So, 2010 eh? Last year was a brummer for gaming, a constant injection of greatness from the early sucker punches of Street Fighter, the slaying of zombies in numerous outstanding titles, the transformation of Resident Evil from Survival Horror to action co-op, Modern Warfare 2 being over hyped and turning out ‘as expected’ to the distant swearing of someone failing that last track on Trials HD’s superb DLC pack, there was a large torrent of strong content, but 2010 is not waiting to jump on its big guns…

Seriously, just look at January, LOOK AT IT! Take a serious, hard look at the very first week of the year.

Bayonetta – Famitsu 40, Edge 10, unofficial Devil May Cry sequel amazo-game. In the first week of 2010, in the first week of the new decade, we get one of the highest critically acclaimed games ever, 2010 starts proceedings with a game that calls one of its difficulties ‘climax mode’, with levels set on falling clock towers and has giant hair monsters nomming the faces off the bosses they dwarf. A better writer would try to make a witty remark about one more thing the developers could add to make it more insane, but it would already be in the game so there’s no freaking point.

And what sort of releases does any other kind of media get? Well, naff all from a quick scan. Films get something about lots of vampires, and a rom com starring Meryl Streep, shit all then, whilst books are so acceptably rubbish and unable to compete with a game starring what looks like a librarian, all 2010 releases have been shredded into saw dust because everyone will be playing Bayonetta instead, because it’s actually exciting.

So the year starts with Bayonetta, all I can say is that those GOTY lists at the end of 2010 best not put the blinkers on and crown Halo Reach just because it was released in September, else you’ll see a similar kind of outcry as the one that will be muddying this blog tomorrow…

Yep, daily updates again. Brilliant.


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