OMG NEWS – Gaming news to stir your loins. (7/1/10) Modern Warfare 3, SEGA and Capcom are lame, and DS 2 will sense motions.

January 8, 2010

Oh My Gaming News is here to hit you in the face with some interesting happenings from the current week to get your brain a ticking about the future of our favourite past time.

Infinity Ward are not making Modern Warfare 3! (‘oly sheet)


So this is big for two reasons, 1 – If IW are not making more modern shooty action what are they doing? And 2 – what does this mean for MW3?

Point 1 first, and two possibilities come to mind, either IW have a new franchise up their sleeves or they will take on one of Activision’s current licenses.

A new franchise could be anything, are Infinity Ward doing a DICE and tackling the future now that the contemporary is done? Call of Duty: Futuristic Warfare could make a comfortable trio of money spinners for Activision but there is another possibility.

The other potential new franchise? Well, Modern Warfare 2 was consistently compared to the exploits of a certain James Bond (that would be my guess for the franchise as well in case you were dense) so how about a new spy franchise from IW? It would certainly let IW flex their ‘totally absurd but absolutely awesome’ muscle as they did with numerous sections of MW 2, and what’s the second best thing to using a franchise like Bond? Construct your own, obviously, no ties and total freedom.

Or they make the best James Bond game since Nightfire (mention Goldeneye and I will end you).

Wii don’t want to play any more, say Capcom and SEGA

Tasty Sauce

So Capcom and SEGA don’t want to focus on the Wii anymore after disappointing sales for Wii games, and would prefer to focus on 360 and PS3 games, d’oh.

For starters does this mean no games from them on Wii? I highly doubt it, in fact the total output from them on the Wii is notably tiny with only a select few titles such as Resident Evil: Darkside Chrinicles actually being any good.

The main issue? If they stop producing; the best games to come from their money last year were House of the Dead: Overkill and Madworld, great games that were poorly supported in the advertising stakes. However HotD has sold well at a cheaper price point, and when people realise it’s absolutely incredible.

House of the Dead: Overkill - The best SEGA published wii game that you didn't buy, fix that now.

And what happens if Sonic Racing sells great? The Wii, with its Mario Kart fanatics will probably lap up (lul) SEGA’s upcoming mascot race-o-thon, and you can guarantee there are a lot of fighting fans salivating over the upcoming Tatsunoku vs Capcom.

A great game will always be a great game, and the output from these companies has been a bit naff compared to their games on the more gamery systems. Good games will sell in time, at the right price, the problem is that their target market, the so called ‘hardcore’ are unlikely to throw £40 down for a lightgun game on what many now consider the ‘lesser’ console when they can pop that much on Contemporary Terrorist Killer 5 and waste weeks playing it online with all the other dummies.

Punk games are something big companies don’t understand, and something the typical gamer isn’t openly interested in or willing to pay full RRP for, so yes this news is a bit disheartening but we’ll see what happens over the next couple of months.

Wii Zelda for 2010 and motion sensing DS2


First off, the best bit of news; Zelda Wii out by the end of 2010… Excellent.

Now, about those DS 2 tit bits, we expected better graphics Nintendo you didn’t really need to confirm that, but “it will be necessary to have a sensor with the ability to read the movements of people playing”, that’s interesting.

Whilst I initially thought ‘I don’t want to be waving my system around the bus, taking out old age pensioners (or do I…)’ I’ve since calmed down and realised it’s no biggie to be honest.

An ability to sense movement could be accelerometers ala the iPhone, or it could be focused on the camera for detecting some little mouth movements and fun little camera games, it could be fun and open up plenty of opportunities.

Whatever the case I’m sure we’ll see something about the DS2 soon, I’d even bet on it making a cameo at E3 2010.

Zangief goes metal! (‘oly Sheet)

Alternate costumes are awesome.

There was also lots of CES news, but it was mostly boring stuff. Natal is out for Winter, Microsoft are adding a retro ‘games room’ to the 360, Nyko made a fugly wii ‘mote with built in Wii plus, several pigeons gathered to  to scavenge scraps from bored journalists eating on the steps, and not a lot else.


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