Dead Space: Extraction

January 12, 2010

Worst. Boxart. Ever.

Available on – Wii

Visceral Games have also done – Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Dead Space, the upcoming Dante’s Inferno, and Dead Space 2

Not the norm

Lightgun shooters are often fast paced arcade jaunts through curious locations, shooting hundreds of bad guys with little or no consequence besides a score numbering in the thousands and a multiplier of times awesome. Extraction on the other hand, is an emotive story driven first person ‘experience’ in which your shooting prowess moves the journey from one plot point to the next, creating a nail bitingly intense seven hour story with plenty of satisfying shooting.

Anyone who has played Dead Space, or seen the gratuitously sweary ‘Downfall’ anime will know what’s happened, but for the uninitiated a mining operation has discovered a mean, ominous looking ‘marker’ on a planet that some religious types take a keen interest in. Before long an intense case of rabid dementia breaks out amongst the mining crew and eventually they start turning into gribbly space zombies, or ‘Necromorphs’ (sounds rude).

What unfolds is an entertaining plot that sits alongside the anime and full game as a side story of potentially huge importance for anyone looking forward to 2010’s Dead Space 2, playing mostly as McNeill the P-SEC officer (intergalactic FBI) you buddy up with bad ass Gabriel ‘one liner’ Weller and ‘Is she underage?’ Lexine as they attempt to escape the infestation alive. All of the characters present great voice work and convincing progression through the game with some genuinely well scripted events, it makes a welcome change to the usually solitary video game horror scenario.


But what’s really important is how entertaining the combat is, dismembering necro’s in Dead Space was fun but Extraction sends far more enemies at you with a remarkable amount of visual prowess for the little white box, and the weapon selection is deliciously visceral and pleasantly diverse whilst the scarce ammo will have you swapping around them depending on situations, slowing enemies down, hurling explosive barrels at them, tearing them up with saw blades, burning them in cleansing fire, and blasting them back with pure force whilst limbs and claret scatter around the grimy, intricately detailed locations. Welding mini games also break up the killing, or cause additional sweat inducing pressure whilst fending off a never-ending wave of opponents.

All guns have two modes which you hold the Wii mote normally or on the side to activate.

It must be said though that whilst the combat is brilliantly brutal it won’t come frequently enough for some people, be prepared to sit back and enjoy some conversation or to plod down a quiet corridor with nothing happening as this is primarily a story driven horror game and far from the arcade action of the more immediate House of the Dead or Ghost Squad.

Challenge rooms on the other hand, unlocked through playing the main game, simply ask you to off waves and waves of the gangly limbed monsters intent on munching your face simply in the name of score. The lack of online leaderboards is a hindrance as to the appeal of this mode, but as a means to simply enjoy the relentless combat the mode is appreciated.

For those willing to give it the time Dead Space: Extraction offers one of the best looking, most satisfying experiences on the Wii, or on any platform for that matter, and a potentially important chapter in one of gaming’s most interesting new franchises. That and Weller is an absolute bad-ass whom you must meet, “man up, sweetheart”.


Remote waggling is kept to a minimum, with only the glow worm (torch) being a little irritating.

For your consideration: Dead Space: Extraction is now cheap, like £15 cheap, and really shouldn’t be missed. It would also really suck if anything about Dead Space 2 spoils the plot of this game, so go play it now!



  1. I loved dead space and have always wanted to fill in the story with this game. For some reason I have never gotten around to it. I’ll get it someday, hopefully before Dead Space 2 comes out.

  2. If you loved Dead Space this game comes highly recommended thanks to the ‘I remember that!’ moments, some of which are brilliantly clever.

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