The Grand GRcade Nuts & Bolts Amazo-tournament! Week 1 tasks.

January 21, 2010

Week 1

Current Standings:

There are none!


Delorean – Back to the Banjo edition


It’s time for Banjo to go back in time! Get into the garage and make the best approximation of Doc Brown’s iconic vehicle. I will be taking multiple pictures so I will display any doors or effects you add!

Deadline – Blueprints to be sent to me by Thursday 28th at 7pm, please include your name in the title. Voting thread will appear on Friday in GGC

Challenge Challenge

Logbox 720, Act three – Flush the Floater!

Head over to TT in showdown town and select the challenge then race Grunty around the square! You can use your own vehicle so get creative.

Deadline – Times will be checked on Thursday 28th at 6pm, make sure Dalagonash is your friend on Live.

Mad Cap Multiplayer

Next week’s announced challenges are Golf and Small Spiral Circuit, you will be allowed to use your own vehicles for these challenges! These will be followed by a random sport and a random race with LOG’s choice of vehicles.

Be there, 7:30, next Thursday.

After next Thursday’s events the next replica and challenge challenge will be announced.

Next week I hope to udate with many photos and videos from the competition, stay tuned!


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