Gaming Video of the Week! Battlefield Bad Company 2 Single Player Reveal.

January 23, 2010

It doesn’t take much to become my video of the week, and this week it’s a trailer for a bang bang shooty game called Bad Company 2.

The first Bad Company was the South Park of FPS, a rag tag bunch of rejected American Pie inbreds that many players hoped would pull the trigger whilst staring down the barrel. This time, while it looks like the same bunch of idiots their grey matter appears to have been upgraded from chicken feed to American action star, one line machines.

Also gone is the ‘WE WANTS GOLD!’ storyline and in its place something vaguely serious, but not too serious.

All in all, I’m more than happy with this direction. The original squad was like playing a shooter version of My Name is Earl but now the characters appear to have the serious edge to accompany a nice tongue in cheek plot.

Colour me excited.


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