The Grand GRcade Nuts & Bolts tournament week 1.

January 28, 2010

Week 1 is over, and the challenge challenge and multiplayer results are in!

Challenge Challenge week 1

Flush the Floater.

This was a simple checkpoint race in which you simply had to spin in a circle to achieve victory, a quick glance may hint towards an aircraft or even a boat, how did our competitors fare?

1 – Mokeyjoe – 20.22 (also placing him 55th in the worldwide leaderboard)
2 – T9Flake – 20.61
3 – Bandwagon – 21.35
4 – Dalagonash – 22.52
5 – Roonmastor – 22.67
6 – JK – 23.22
7 – Seven (tee hee) – 24.83
8 – StayDead – 1.04.00 (I don’t think he improved that)

First place is awarded ten points, second 9, third 8, and so on.

The pro way –

Watching the top players it appears the best course of action was to get wet and jam your stick to the right, bouncing from the straight edges underneath the water and Grunty’s fat arse.

The competitors tools:

Mokey joe, went into the water.

T9 Flake, on the water's surface.

Bandwagon... I think it flew?

Dalagonash, took to the skies.

Roonmastor, strategically placed seating.

JK, another on the water's surface.

Madcap Multiplayer results

Event 1 – Golf


Starting off a little shonky, the Golf event saw most people stick with LOG’s vehicles, and not manage to finish! The event saw three people finish and three people in joint fourth.

1 – Dalagonash
2 – Bandwagon
3 – T9Flake
4 – JK
4 – Mokeyjoe
4 – Roonmastor

Some people just don’t know how to stay upright.

Event 2 – Small Spiral Circuit


A simple event made awkward thanks to some rubbish ditches, Dalagonash was a cheating bastard as he took to the skies whilst everyone else fought for a place on the ground… Or in the water.

1 – Dalagonash
2 – T9Flake
3 – JK
4 – Roonmastor
5 – Bandwagon
6 – Mokeyjoe


Event 3 – Don’t Flee the Nest (Sumo)


‘This goes on for five minutes?!’ someone exclaimed, and it did indeed last for five minutes of feeble punching, pushing, and floundering around, with some people managing to keep their balance far better than others.

1 – T9Flake
2 – Mokeyjoe
3 – Dalagonash
4 – Bandwagon
5 – JK
6 – Roonmastor


Event 4 – G Zero


Fuck off LOG with ya floaty rubbish vehicles. High octane was certainly not on the cards as all the racers gaily drifted around corners, there is a piece of music that sums up this race perfectly…

1 – Roonmastor
2 – T9Flake
3 – JK
4 – Bandwagon
5 – Dalagonash
6 – Mokeyjoe


The results! Presented by Humba Wumba.


So, bearing in mind that by game rules placing first nets you 10 points, second eight etc. the final standings after the maths were as follows!

In sixth place with 12 points, it’s Image Mokeyjoe.

In fifth place with 16 points, it’s Image Roonmastor.

In fourth place with 18 points, it’s Bandwagon.

Taking the bronze in third with 20 points, Image JK.

The silver medal is awarded to the player with 28 points, Dalagonash.

Making this week’s gold medal nuts & Bolts player with a whopping thirty two,



These standings will relate to your overall multiplayer leaderboard, but the scoring there will be independent of this.

Thanks again and see you next week, for more Madcap Multiplayer Madness!


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