Dalagonash: The movie.

February 15, 2010

Well, not written about me directly but I’m playing the main role in some film students piece about addicted gamers, so I feel like the role was written for me even if not a personally commissioned biography. It’s called ‘Game?’

Future Star.

So yeah, I have absolutely no idea as to the script, if I have to talk at all, but I shall be putting my unique mug in front of a camera for some students and hopefully propelling them towards earning a first. Naturally my emanating charisma shall propel the piece into the realms of brilliance without so much as trying, and the editors will have an easy job piecing it together.

Anyway, this should be a fun experience for me if nothing else, and I may ruin some poor group’s work in the progress. I’ll keep you all filled in!



  1. bah! All those years in acting school and you go and STEAL MY CAREER!!!!

    • Naturally.

      Nah it was good fun, didn’t say anything but there was face acting involved, apparently it will be up on Facebook when it’s done.

      I played a lonely WoW addict, one guess who I modeled myself on.

  2. James Bond?

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