Chime stole this post.

February 16, 2010

I got Chime after a friend recommended it and it’s a pretty awesome little puzzler for 400 points on Xbox Live Arcade.

Looking similar to Lumines you are tasked with placing the tetris like shapes into squares. The thing is, any bits of the blocks that don’t get deleted as part of squares become scrap, and leaving scrap for too many passes of the beat bar will cause them to be deleted and your multiplier to crash to nothing. Oh and whilst trying to keep the scrap under control you’re trying to ‘fill’ the stage but placing parts of your squares over every square to ‘paint’ the level.

Trying to juggle all three elements of play is simple enough to understand after a little while but it’s difficult enough that you’ll not be getting obscene scores without at least a few hours practice…

Add to these great mechanics a musical dimension, every time the beat bar passes your blocks they add a note to the already soothing melodies, and the game becomes a mesmerizing experience to match the best in the puzzle genre thanks to the hypnotizing contributions from artists such as Philip Glass and Moby.

All that plus the money you spend on the game goes to charity, and you get 50G for simply buying it, a great time waster that can easily hold its head up with the best on the service.


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