Video of the Week – Halo Reach Gameplay Extract

February 17, 2010

I’m not normally one to get super excited by early footage… But this stuff made me revert to a wide eyed, high pitched, gift loving infant on a particularly lucrative Christmas morning. I was literally rolling on the floor slapping my face in excitement and making bizarre gargling sounds that some would describe as happy and others would describe as demented.

I would say I’m a Halo fan, in my humble opinion the gameplay mix of vehicles, weapons, and that health system are designed and implemented to perfection under the talented hands of Bungie, and Reach looks like the pinnacle of the series.

Mixing a proper 360 powered version of Halo’s grandeur vision with some modern touches such as sprinting and meaty close quarters kills means this looks like the Halo no-one thought Bungie could create.

With Reach Bungie have decided to re-create the series with the 360 in mind rather than translate the minimalist visual stylings of the franchise as from the Xbox as Halo 3 did, yet it doesn’t lose the essential Halo vibe. The music is different as well but also stays faithful through the changes. This isn’t simply an iteration of Halo, this is an evolution.

And this is only Alpha footage, phew! See you all May 3rd when I’ll be too busy looking at the gorgeous sky boxes and delicate animations to actually play well.


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