The Rargh Corner – When Reviewers miss the point.

March 1, 2010

At times this entry may appear hypocritical, I personally attempt to analyse games and am probably guilty of such a sin twenty times over myself but I really do hate it when reviewers fail to understand a game, and it’s happening more frequently as the months roll on with the most recently casualty being Sonic and SEGA All stars Racing.

Released the same week as Playstation ‘It’s not a game’ game Heavy Rain it’s quite easy to see why the coverage of this brilliant little kart racer has been lost under the torrent of praise for Sony’s choose your own adventure and shake the controller to dry your arse movie thing that many people, many reviewers, are seemingly giving Sonic Kart two hours of play then whacking an average marker on it, writing five hundred words about how it’s ‘like Mario Kart, but not as good’ and calling it a day.

Give the game to a player for a couple of hours and I guarantee a fairer appraisal than most of the collections of words masquerading on the Internet as a review, I’ve seen a lot of people saying its better than the plumber and chums recent racing offering, preferring the lack of blue shells and pixel perfect drifting, in fact I’d say the weaker weapons and focus on cutting corners reminds me of the oft favorably remembered Diddy Kong Racing, and the slew of offline modes makes for a more complete split screen experience than the abysmal team battle abomination Nintendo ‘added’ to Mario Kart Wii.

Yes, 'Why is Sonic in a car', we all know the joke, just play the game.

It’s a shame that Sumo Digital’s brilliant foray into karting doesn’t offer quite as complete an experience in the online department, only allowing races and ignoring the multitude of additional mode it offers people with flesh and blood competition, as if the extra modes were available online I would go out on a limb and say Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing would be an essential purchase for anyone who regularly plays games online, instead I have to say it’s a brilliant Kart racer that is more than deserving of the attention of anyone who got tired of taking Blue Shells up the arse for being too good at Mario Kart, and the reviewers who say any different can shove their apparently revolutionary games up their pompous metaphors, I’m going to have some old fashioned fun with my apparently mediocre Mario Kart knock off.



  1. Yeah but its not the Total War that came out on Friday is it? 😛

    • I honestly didn’t know a Total War came out on Friday, I’m sorry your game was lost under the Heavy Rain hype as well 😛

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