Game Art of the Week – Tales of Monkey Island by Steve Purcell.

March 13, 2010

Normally I use this post to support a random artist in their efforts to convey a character or scene from the glorious medium of video game in anger, fear, pain, or watercolour, however when searching the vastness of the Internet for some good fan created pieces to do with Monkey Island I was greeted with utter rubbish and naked Morgan, and Miss Le Fay stripped to her knackers is not Dala approved family friendly viewing, so instead I’ve gone for the official art of Steve Purcell.

I shant dissect why I’ve chosen this piece, it’s the official art off the official DVD that’s officially out now which you can officially purchase from Tell Tale’s own official website, and whilst it staggers around the middle the series is well worth a play, and makes for a better story based ‘game’ than Heavy Rain.


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