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I don’t know how or why you are here, but now that you are why not get a cup of coffee, or tea and take a read about the person who you have stumbled across, it is a rather uninteresting tale.

I’m a student currently living half way up England, nothing special, I use this blog to post reviews, opinions, features and other words about my favourite hobby and passion, video games. Be them tips or rants I can talk endlessly about the best titles. I do partake in and enjoy a variety of other things, a stint with fencing started well until the only available competition was the fencing equivalent of Chuck Norris, and I will occasionally post about music, movies, books or whatever else has my attention at that particular moment in time but that happens about as often as Charlie Brooker enjoys an episode of The One Show.

I also entertain the idea that I can play a selection of instruments to an impressive standard, from the Saxophone to the Violin, and fancy myself as an aspiring composer.

I graduated last year from Staffordshire university with a degree in Media and Journalism but I quickly returned to the same establishment to study a Masters degree in Video Game Design, because I want a posh title in front of my name innit.

I have aspirations of writing about games, films, books, or TV, entertainment in general really, and receiving payment for it, and would lurve to pen some freelance articles for you if you’re in charge of a publication. If you just want me to write for you because you’re my secret stalker or just need something to read then you can shove it, unless I like you, then you can ask me nicely and then, politely shove it.

I mainly talk about games I like, because they’re the ones I buy, but that’s not to say I don’t occasionally sample a stinker (thank you LoveFilm), be it aquired from a seedy back ally or just in demo form.

And that’s about it for me, if you want to contact me then you can contact me at my email address; Dalagonash@hotmail.com, or prod me on Xbox Live (Dalagonash), Steam (Dalagonash) or when Blizzard get their shit together, Battle.net (guess what, Dalagonash).

I would put my telephone number here, but that’s like commiting personal space suicide.

See ya around.

-James Bowden

07… aaaah, ya almost got me there.

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