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The Grand GRcade Nuts and Bolts amazo-tournament!

January 11, 2010

Own Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts? Why not come play a tournament!

Over a year since release I am setting about hosting a tournament for this underappreciated game, and it should cater for many people and not just those who excel at specific areas.

And here’s how it’s going down, the tournament will feature three different weekly tasks, maybe a fourth if it’s a success, two of which can be worked at over time and one live multiplayer session a week (day to be decided via poll), standing will equal points (ten for first, eight for second, six for third etc.), and points will contribute to your leaderboard standing for which there will be a total leaderboard and individual task leaderboards.

-The Tasks

Task 1 – Mad Cap Multiplayer
Every week there will be a tournament featuring two sporting events and two races, two LOGS choice and two with custom vehicles. The challenges will be decided through un-bias means each week and the two custom events shall be announced before hand as well, giving you a chance to craft a suitable vehicle. At the end of the games points will be tallied and overall tournament points awarded for relative positions.

Task 2 – Replica
An additional task each week will ask for you to create a replica of something else using the vehicle creator that will then go to the forum’s vote over the following week. What will need to be created as the replica will be decided by an unbias source, and the entries will need to be in by a set time each week, with voted positions adding points to the overall tournament table.

Task 3 – Challenge challenge
This task will ask players to compete for a single player high score each week on a specific challenge chosen through random methods with everyone’s position attributing to how many tournament points they earn.

– How to enter!
-Join the forum
Task 1 – Turn up at the right time, play, win.

Task 2 – Create your replica in the game then use the screenshot tool to take a piccie, locate it at the game’s website, then pm it to myself before the finish time and I will collect the entries and present them to the forum for voting.

Task 3 – Find out in the thread, make sure you’re on my friends list, then I’ll be able to see at the end of the week who wins!

– What do I need to do before all this kicks off?

Well, finishing the game is a good starting point and finding all the crates will give you a leg up in the construction competitions as you’ll have more things to play around with (this goes for jinjo bingo rewards as well).
Also, practise makes perfect, so get on and work on your darts and flying abilities, as well as checking out the rewind feature that appears in online races.

– How long and what’s in it for me?
There’s nothing up for grabs, apart from prestige right now and as for how long we’re going on for? Preliminary length will be two months, but we’ll see how it goes.