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Video of the Week – Halo: Reach Beta Trailer!

March 4, 2010

That time again, the middle of the week, and with it my favourite video I’ve seen this week and what do you know, it appeared today! Blasting onto the Internet with a freaking jetpack strapped to its back!

So much win in one trailer, new weapons, new abilities, gut punches, plenty of modes, Scorpion tanks rolling out, Snipers with seemingly effective recoil to stop hip firing spam, scoped pistols, grenade launchers, and mother trucking jetpacks.

Love you Bungie.


Video of the Week – Halo Reach Gameplay Extract

February 17, 2010

I’m not normally one to get super excited by early footage… But this stuff made me revert to a wide eyed, high pitched, gift loving infant on a particularly lucrative Christmas morning. I was literally rolling on the floor slapping my face in excitement and making bizarre gargling sounds that some would describe as happy and others would describe as demented.

I would say I’m a Halo fan, in my humble opinion the gameplay mix of vehicles, weapons, and that health system are designed and implemented to perfection under the talented hands of Bungie, and Reach looks like the pinnacle of the series.

Mixing a proper 360 powered version of Halo’s grandeur vision with some modern touches such as sprinting and meaty close quarters kills means this looks like the Halo no-one thought Bungie could create.

With Reach Bungie have decided to re-create the series with the 360 in mind rather than translate the minimalist visual stylings of the franchise as from the Xbox as Halo 3 did, yet it doesn’t lose the essential Halo vibe. The music is different as well but also stays faithful through the changes. This isn’t simply an iteration of Halo, this is an evolution.

And this is only Alpha footage, phew! See you all May 3rd when I’ll be too busy looking at the gorgeous sky boxes and delicate animations to actually play well.


It’s good to be a skint 2010 gamer

February 12, 2010

Being a gamer is a laborious task, constantly funnelling money from various sources to satiate an ingrained joy we derive from shooting someone in the gonads, it’s rare that we as consumers get a break from the week on week, buy, buy, buy mentality of our heavily consumerist hobby. But for any gamer early 2010 is looking like a pleasant break for the wallet so you can spend the money on other pointless tat like series of anime you’ll never watch or game soundtracks that only serve to enhance your geekiness one track at a time.

The mouth that spawned some of gamings best catchphrases, now in playable form.

DLC is finally hitting its stride in February with companies such as Capcom offering up the legendarily Beardy Barry Burton for use in Resident Evil 5 for a mere 400 points, oh and there’s some extra campaign stuff in there as well. The important thing is that DLC is starting to appear at reasonable prices, three British pounds for a couple of hours of content is fairer than that much to slap armour on a horse that’s for sure and even if you fork out for all the new Resi 5 content, notching your spending up to a new album, or a copy of Tim Weaver’s new book, you’ll get roughly an hour a pound value even if you’re rubbish at the Mercenaries mini game, which is nothing to snort at.

And then there’s Valve who are releasing DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 and then more content for the original Left 4 Dead and thus serving two purposes at once, adding two bits of brilliant content for two great games while also slapping those boy cotters around their angry shouty chops by keeping their word and supporting L4D after its sequel’s release. Hopefully cheap on 360 and possibly free on PC, merci beau coup you beautiful people.

Soon the best death animations in a game ever will all be stored all snug on your 360's memory.

In terms of actual games March sees the best steal since the Orange Box in Perfect Dark XBLA for a mere 800 points, considering everyone assumed it would be a premium title at 1,200 this is a pleasant surprise. A full HD update of the juttering 64 classic the XBLA game manages to add additional Goldeneye weaponry for use in the new 8 player online features, oh and you can play Co-op and Counter op online as well. So that’s a huge N64 game that people put hundreds of hours into, plus more, for less than a pizza hut lunch buffet? You’d have to be bizarre in the head to say no.

Cheap things aside there’s a selection of delectible free gaming for those with even tighter pockets, and it doesn’t get much better than the two beauties we’ll be trying in the coming months; Starcraft 2 and Halo: Reach. Starcraft 2 will be entering closed beta this month, but with Blizzard’s commitment to making this the best thing ever(tm) we’ll probably see millions of beta keys sent out, make sure you’re on for some premium free gaming. As for Halo: Reach the beta has been confirmed for May 3rd and it looks like an absolute winner, seeing the improved engine is like having your eyes massaged by a thai masseuse with kittens for hands and improvements to gameplay should ensure Call of Duty gets knocked down a peg or two.

Halo 3 was great, this will be absolutely astounding.

That’s four months of cheap and cheery gaming without even thinking about the usual deluge of demos or mentioning the free ‘case zero’ Dead Rising chapter coming to 360 later this year. For once having limited funds will be no obstacle to good gaming.