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The Best Snowy music from games to listen to and enjoy all that snow, to.

January 7, 2010

I meant to do a really long, detailed post today but erm, Snow and Cluedo (which I won, twice, gloat gloat) distracted me so I’m throwing this together quickly for your delictation, enjoy!

Donkey Kong Country – Northern Hemispheres

If there’s one thing that can always be said about Rare games, is that the music is top notch, and for a quaint 16-bit platformer the atmosphere evoked by this tune cannot be understated. Haunting melodies move into an almost dystopic atonal melody that can only be described as cold, the sparse instrument choice helps evoke this even as the music reaches its faster sections.

World of Warcraft – Dragonblight.

It’s the chromatic piano that does it, chiming away like the falling snow under the mourning instruments, the lack of drums or a rich array of sounds is at odds with most of WoW’s other locational music and it evokes a chilling sense of seclusion, it’s cold but hauntingly beautiful at the same time.

Mario 64 – Snow Mountain

In stark contrast to the previous two entries, Mario’s snowy melody is a much more traditional affair. I think it’s just the images of penguins that pop into my head or the liberal sprinkling of jingle bells and that um-pah rhythm that just evoke a Christmasy grin across the face of anyone who listens to this, and if you don’t grin then you must be dead.

Metroid Prime – Phendrana Drifts

It’s back to the atmospheric stuff for this entry, but it’s more than the music here. Listening to the crunch of snow under foot, seeing the snow drift by, and having the calm embrace of this music helped top off one of the best frozen environments of last generation. The song keeps that  quintessential sci-fi edge to remind you of how alien the world is as well, exquisite.

Banjo Kazooie – Freezeezy Peaks

Another ‘CHRISTMAS!’ one here, with added Banjo Kazooie ‘bum, bom, bum, bom’ and kooky instruments. Say what you will about it being far, far too happy but this song makes for a much better snow song than any rubbish Christmas number 1 ever (besides Rage). Just listen to that happiness, it’s literally spewing from your screen. Seriously, you’re going to be smiling for weeks.

Ho hum, a slight Nintendo bias there! If you’ve got any other Snowy music you think is amazing, leave it in a lovely comment under this here blog post. Oh, and enjoy the snow!